Fong Chun Chan

Fong Chun Chan is currently the Head of Bioinformatics in the Department of Lymphoid Cancer Research, British Columbia Cancer Research Centre, Vancouver, Canada where he has spearheaded the overall bioinformatics strategic direction of the department.

He is also concurrently undertaking a PhD in Bioinformatics under the co-supervision of Dr. Sohrab Shah and Dr. Christian Steidl. His main research interest surrounds the implications of tumour diversity on disease progression in B-cell lymphomas. In particular, how tumour and microenvironment evolution plays a role in treatment resistance as understanding this process may aid in the determination of relevant and precise therapeutic approaches for each cancer patient.

Additionally, he has a passion for applying statistical and machine learning approaches to big data, in particular genomics data (e.g. sequencing data). You can find out more about Fong Chun through the links below: