Teaching in 2016/2017

  1. PATH502: General Principles of Pathology, Guest Lectures and Course coordination (please contact Dr Kevin Bennewith, kbennewi@bccrc.ca or Dr Christian Steidl, csteidl@bccancer.bc.ca)
  2. ONCO 501: Interdisciplinary Oncology Program, Guest Lecture (please contact syip@bccancer.bc.ca)
  3. MedG 421: Genetics and Cell Biology of Cancer, Guest Lecture (please contact Drs Wyeth Wasserman, wyeth@cmmt.ubc.ca; Xiaoyan Jiang)
  4. Genomics Course of Pathology Trainees: Functional validation of new discoveries, Guest Lecture (please contact Stephen Yip, syip@bccancer.bc.ca)


Undergraduate student supervision

  • Bioinformatics Research Rotations (CIHR/MSFHR Bioinformatics Program); please contact Sharon Ruschkowski, sharonr@bcgsc.ca
  • UBC Science Co-op program, please contact jobs@sciencecoop.ubc.ca